Business prospecting

The shortest path to find new customers, suppliers and get quality business contacts.

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Simple as it can be. Cheap as it should be.

Quick Exploration

instant access to a convenient slide show of augmented business information

60 sec is enough

to get a full overview on 20+ companies

Cross Search

speed up your search using fast navigation across 200.000 linked categories

Your Cubby

save business info slides from search results and export your leads for free

Query Stream

see in real time what others are looking for and react when your industry is called


catch queries of those looking for you and send them your QuickCard with one click

Reach new customers and business contacts faster

Smabbler is a business prospecting platform that connects companies looking for cooperation opportunity. Easily reach your audience, attract more visitors and reduce costs of lead generation.

Values behind Connective Searchâ„¢

Smabbler connective search is a search tool focused on vastly improving your search experience. We care about how much time you spend searching. Less is better. Smabbler quickly provides you with information, not only search results.

Smabbler is constantly improving as we strive to expand our search engine to cover the great number of businesses across the world.

Our system uses Natural Language Understanding to analyze and classify business website content, making it easier for searchers to get extensive information faster.

There is no human touch, no manual listing or claiming. Everything that Smabbler needs to index your company and show it in search results is English content on the website.