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Smabbler's Connective Search™ is the first automated global business matching platform. A continuous real-time stream of customized recommendations replaces the traditional manual one-sided search process for driving demand.

We constantly analyze and identify for you millions of new business opportunities to find the best matches for your offers and needs. Smabbler - We work so you don’t have to.

How to start

Join Smabbler and create your short business info card visible in our search results. You can use it for all activities - reach more audience, introduce your company, connect with prospects and get new contacts.

Signed in users have access to easily-managed tools for stats monitoring, business contact sharing, saving search results and promotion.

Easy and helpful

All industries. Worldwide reach. Open free business search. One click to relevant contact. Sign up in 5 seconds. No obligations.

Business Prospecting Support

A global intent-based demand-generated auto-matching platform.

Predictive Recommendations

A real-time stream of customized business cooperation opportunities.

Focus on Efficiency & Conversion

Measurable actions that help businesses achieve lead acquisition results.

Our technology

Smabbler search and match algorithm technology combines advanced analytics and language processing to extract value from unstructured data and turn it into value added predictive recommendations.

Smabbler's search algorithms browse the web, independently analyze millions of websites, and classify the human readable content to bring richer and organized business information in one place.

Smabbler's match algorithms are trained to emulate a business environment and match companies with their potential customers and suppliers to shorten the process of reaching new business prospects.

We respect your privacy

There are no hidden fees or obligations. Business search results are open and provided for free. You may purchase extra features when you want.

We don't share your data with third parties. Any personal contact details exchanged on Smabbler are shared only by the users and by their consent.