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Natural language processing

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We develop machine learning-based algorithms and techniques for natural language processing


Cirrascale will focus on customers buying at the data center and rack infrastructure level, across a range of storage and computing models including low-power micro-servers, high density storage, scale-out multi-core, HPC cluster and GP/GPU computing

Korpus SA

korpus SA svojou druhou do trojice paralelných korpusov SNK s rozsahom vyše 400 mil tokenov Podobne veľký rozsah majú aj slovensko-český a slovensko-francúzsky paralelný korpus

Peak Labs Ltd.

Peak Labs ' Natural Language Processing service incorporates Language Preprocessing, Word Segmentation, Dependency Analysis, Disambiguation, Synonym Integration, Service Docking, and many other complex functions

Washington General Technology

WGT form platform and backbone of a customer enterprise content management system solution

Peak Labs Ltd.

Peak Labs ' Natural Language Processing service incorporates Language Preprocessing, Word Segmentation, Dependency Analysis, Disambiguation, Synonym Integration, Service Docking, and many other complex functions

AMAX Information Technologies, Inc.

AMAX features elite and diverse roster of engineering experts in data center applications, cloud infrastructure, Big Data, HPC, networking, storage, software validation and open standards

Microway, Inc.

Our client list includes organizations from one-man engineering shops to Fortune 500 enterprises and government research laboratories

FinGenius Ltd.

FinGenius is a bank-grade platform that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and human-like reasoning to simplify interaction with complex data for banks and insurance companies

Text Analysis International, Inc.

TextAI is a privately held software development company poised to take advantage of the surging demand for effective text analysis solutions with its groundbreaking VisualText ® core product


We conduct research in mobile computing, technologies for health and wellness, social networking, affective computing, design theory, and related areas

CSCE 145 Co.

Our research include National Science Foundation (NSF), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), and the University of South Carolina

India Ltd.

BIT is part of the EAGER NETWIC Project of the Asia Link programme of the European Commission where five leading countries from across the globe

Infolytx, Inc.

We create learning models from Big Data using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms both at individual patient level and the population level

nDimensional, Inc.

We are building code-free, easy-to-use cloud platform for big data, advanced analytics, machine learning and 3D visualizations using the latest technologies and the brightest minds

Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications

SDIWC organizes multidisciplinary conferences for academics and professionals, primarily in the fields of computer software and hardware, networking, and wireless communication

WholeTree Technologies Pte Ltd.

We are actively seeking marketing and business partners for the following industry verticals: Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Services, and Hospitality

Opus Logica, Inc.

Text Analysis International, Inc.

VisualText is the premier integrated development environment for building information extraction systems, natural language processing systems, and text analyzers

School of Informatics and Computing

Indiana University Bloomington and the School of Informatics and Computing have made substantial investment to provide students and faculty with the infrastructure, computing resources, and collaborative space to facilitate learning and inspire discovery

EXEDY (Thailand) Co.

We offer free shipping on all Exedy Organic clutches


We are experiencing increasing interest and success in applying Machine Learning techniques

UC Santa Cruz

We offer MS and PhD degree programs in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Bioinformatics and Biomolecular Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Network Engineering, and Technology and Information Management, as well as professional MS degrees in Games & Playable Media and Scientific Computing & Applied Mathematics


We build metadata databases for speech recognition search engines

UNITEN Research & Development (UR&D) Sdn. Bhd.

Our goals produce graduates possessing not only the skills and knowledge in all areas of computer science and information technology

Intel ® E.E.

We have delivered tailored solutions in a variety of demanding environments including science, defence, manufacturing, meteorology, animation, broadcasting, motor racing, education and telecommunications

Computer Science and Engineering

Graduates of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering create programs that simulate motion and estimate chances for rejection for innovative medical devices and organ transplants, simulating airflow and measuring fuel ignition around rocket engines for space vehicles, creating software and hardware elements that make the popular MP3 players


We provide platforms and bespoke software solutions for knowledge management to help you make critical business decisions and leverage our scientific expertise from the field of data analysis and data linking to create intelligent solutions

Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program

We provide potential for autonomous self-learning HVAC systems, and Apple's HomeKit technology that enables users to remotely manage their smart homes


Our team will spearhead on Engineering, Architecture, Research and Development

Punjab University College of Information Technology

PUCIT is the largest institution of higher learning in Pakistan in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering

IBM Research GmbH

We are seeking highly motived candidate for a Master's project in the Quantum Technologies group at IBM Research - Zurich for the development of III/V-on-silicon photonic devices with potential applications in communications technology


UCSB is home of the west coast hub of AIM Photonics, a US federal manufacturing initiative in partnership with lead institution SUNY Polytechnic Institute

HTW Chur

HTW Chur is the only university that combines economics and technology as well as Masterstudies and other higher education

PCIe x16 Gen

One Stop Systems can provide appliances for a wide variety of financial applications including high frequency trading, Monte Carlo simulations, partial differential equation computation, risk analytics and many more

Directly, Inc.

Our patented platform bring users, and agents together in a single, real-time conversational thread # Empathy At Scale

AMAX Information Technologies, Inc.

AMAX is the preferred partner for leading Fortune 1000 and today's leading startups and brands in security, networking, finance, healthcare, telecom, government, education, research

Silicon Highway

Company specializes in the development of state-of-the-art products for Gigabit/s serial data communication


Cirrascale is a premier developer of cost effective, independent blade-based computing and storage data center infrastructure

Science and Information

Our research collaboration is a perfect example of SAI conferences success in facilitating future research collaboration, science and innovation

Rescale, Inc.

We will provide radiators, charge-air coolers for diesel engines, oil coolers, exhaust gas recirculation coolers, condensers and evaporators for air-conditioning systems, and battery coolers for electric vehicles

CIS 191, Co.

Our program provides ideal foundation for jobs in a variety of industries including robotics, aerospace, automotive, industrial automation and defense


We are Staffing, Recruiting, Recruiter, IT Staffing, IT Recruiting, Technology Staffing, Staffing Agency, Recruiting Agency, headhunter, headhunting, New York, IT Consulting, Technology Consultants, IT Consultant


We will explore technology behind smart homes, smart farms, connected cars and smart healthcare platforms


Our current work spans domains including computer graphics, physical simulation, scientific computing, computational photography, programming languages, circuit design, and computer architecture


Our current work spans domains including computer graphics, physical simulation, scientific computing, computational photography, programming languages, circuit design, and computer architecture

IP Security

Our mission develop energetic and outstanding research and teaching program on wireless communications and networking at UF

University of Notre Dame Engineering & Science Computing

CSE department include high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, reknowned faculty, strong focus on undergraduate education balanced with leading-edge research

Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala

We provide training, consultancy and research services in the areas of Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Big Data Management and Machine Learning


Mailman is free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter

AMAX Information Technologies, Inc.

AMAX features elite and diverse roster of engineering experts in data center applications, cloud infrastructure, Big Data, HPC, networking, storage, software validation and open standards

Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology lead national university with science and engineering

Textensor Ltd.

We are active contributors to a number of projects in computational neuroscience including NeuroML, a standard language for expressing models of neurons

Conference Co.

Faculty members of our department are active in international organizations and play roles as program committee members and session chairs in many important conferences such Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (ACM RECOMB), IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), IEEE Conference on Control Applications (CCA), IEEE Conference on Decision

Kaplan, Inc.

We are building team of data scientists, marketers, admissions experts, career advisers, engineers, and others

Charles River Analytics Inc.

We do innovative research and development in areas such as: automated and human-machine planning and optimization, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, multi-source data fusion, data exploration, natural language processing, and semantic representations and reasoning


Our lab has investigated several properties of the recalibration phenomenon, including the durability of the change, its sensitivity to higher-level cognitive information


NAUTECH team comprises of technical support engineers, lawyers, experts in export-import transactions and intellectual property protection, managers that interact with suppliers and foreign plants

Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada

Our vision is being division formed by solid cadre of scientific researchers of prestige and renown at national and international scale with e graduate program of excellence and highly related with the productive sector, public and private

Xerox Ltd.

Xerox European Research Centre specialize in service analytics, work practice technologies, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, data mining and software architectures and frameworks

Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung

We have developed specialized retrieval software for linguistically annotated corpora, eg the IMS Corpus Workbench (CQP) and TIGERSearch, a tool for querying syntactically annotated corpora

2017 Pearson Education, Inc.

Our reporting tools consolidate assessment results with data pulled from your SIS, including demographics, attendance, course marks, discipline, longitudinal assessment data


ABBYY is a global leader in the development of document recognition, content capture and language-based technologies and solutions that integrate across


We develop new diagnosis and treatment methodologies in our main field of investigation, including bright light microscopy, ultrasound, MRI, CT and SPECT-PET

CoGenTex, Inc.

CogentHelp is an authoring tool for on-line application help, developed by CoGenTex under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II award from Rome Laboratory

ADmantX (UK)

ADmantX is a smart data provider that facilitates advanced brand planning and targeting within the digital advertising industry


Large company specialise in software and hardware systems particularly in the communications area, covering defence, space as well as automotive systems

Higher School of Economics

Our educational programmes focus on the development of control systems and information processing, as well as modern methods of mathematical and computer modeling

DataSkill, Inc.

We offer education courses for some of IBM's key products for analytics including Watson Content Analytics (WCA), SPSS Predictive Analytics and Cognos Business Intelligence

Basis Technology K.K.

We have delivered results for over 500 customers including industry leaders in e-commerce, publishing, media, professional staffing, manufacturing

Speech, S.L.

ELSNET will actively explore desirability and feasibility of possible new types of resources required by new applications, in close concertation with other bodies involved in the production and distribution of language resources

Stephen Wolfram, LLC

Our strategy maintain portfolio of development, from continually strengthening our core algorithms and knowledgebase, to supporting the latest computing and deployment architectures, to developing major new concepts and capabilities and consistently delivering the results in the form of products, services, and experimental initiatives that make breakthrough technology accessible to the broadest possible spectrum of people and organizations

WIT, Inc.

WIT specializes in traditional Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse consulting, as well as advanced topics including Agile BI, Data Discovery, Data Mining, and Predictive Analytics

Intellectual Processors Ltd.

Our company provides consulting and methodological services to undergraduates and graduate students and young scientists BSUIR our company for their production and research activities of the project « Development and creation of high-tech production of mobile robotic systems

Institute for Systems Research

ISR 's current strong emphasis crosses disciplines of electrical and computer engineering, psychology, mechanical engineering, biology, aerospace engineering, bioengineering, and computer science

Analysis Express (A.E.)

Analysis Express ( A.E. ) professionals provide expertise in engineering projects within multiple disciplines, engineering data management, software engineering and IT consulting

Program Co.

WSU was given management and leadership responsibilities at Everett with a focus on programs in science, technology, engineering and math


Our Faculty provides high-level education in Computer Science, as well as a flexible and stimulative scientific environment

Applied Neurodynamics

We design system that will allow novices to create simple electronic systems without having to get their hands dirty with schematics, layouts, Gerber plots, bill of materials

Simulink Plc Ltd.

Simulink Support Package Create App that runs Simulink models and algorithms on your Apple iOS device

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE are the Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), Kirtland Air Force Base and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the Santa Fe Institute, Intel Corporation and Los Alamos National Laboratory

Unibap AB

Unibap offer market leading heterogeneous computing solution including processing capability and powerful carrier boards enabling things like image processing, rectification, indexing on orbit

MathWorks, Inc.

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists

Robotic Research, LLC

Robotic Research , LLC is a small engineering firm committed to finding innovative, cost-effective solutions in the areas of robotics, intelligent control, sensor processing


MTA SZTAKI offers adaptable results and problem-solving environments that ensure substantial advantage in system design and consultancy compared to companies specialized in certain products or applications

Revolution Analytics Ltd.

Our Accelerated R Interpreter speeds through analytics using linear mathematics libraries optimized for multi-threaded, multi-core and distributed execution

Servient Inc.

Servient E-Discovery and Compliance solution leverages machine learning and big data technologies to offer an extensive set of features to handle internal investigations, regulatory inquiries and e-discovery matters

Engineering, Inc.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering focuses on the computational foundations of data science, including the design, implementation and analysis of software that manages the volume, heterogeneity and dynamic characteristics of large data


We maintain current technical measures to guarantee data security, in particular to protect your personal data

Arimo, Inc.

Arimo Behavioral AI Blueprints incorporate extensive Deep Learning expertise for Behavioral Predictions, Behavioral Anomaly Detection, & Behavioral Segmentation

Indiana University

Indiana University School of Informatics includes School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana, Bloomington, and at IUPUI and programs at IU East, IU Kokomo, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast

Biocceleration Ltd.

Biocceleration provides software and hardware solutions that accelerate rigorous database search algorithms, like HMMsearch and Smith Waterman by a factor of 10-1000 relative to general purpose servers

Radar system

We offer range of solution in the field of GIS, remote sensing and scientific computing along with custom training in the field of remote sensing


Sentius has developed breakthroughs in search and navigation technologies, and holds a key patent for contextually linking data, which automates the delivery of point-of-interest content to end-users at the word, phrase, and metadata level for any Web application

Indus Corp.

INDUS provides with specialized competence in Secure Infrastructure Solutions, Actionable Intelligence, Enterprise IT Services and Software Applications Management

Medical Science and Computing, LLC

We perform complex data analysis and reporting inclusive of multidimensional representation of business data trends/visualizations using business object tools and other data mining and analytical tools


LOTECH provides National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) with a variety of data analysis and statistical programming support services in the Division of Epidemiology, Statistics, and Prevention Research Branch

Cyber Communications Group

We create culture that recognizes sustainability as a guiding ethic measured not only in terms of financial benefit, but also in terms of preserving the mission capability, high quality of life, positive relationships with local communities, and options for the organizations' future

Department of Defense Education Activity

Our teams conduct Data Warehouse and Management Operations (San Antonio, TX), Information Assurance and Budget Analysis activities at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Bethesda, MD), Tier 2,5 Patient Record Quality Assurance (multiple locations), Host Based Security System (HBSS) Installation and Management